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Unforgettable day

Yesterday was one of them. IN fact it blew my mind. I spent all day tingling with goosebumps. We were in LA to witness something I have never seen before……beautifully composed music being played by a world class orchestra in an historic space. But THIS was something extra special……we were here to witness the score recording for our film BEARTREK…..composed and conducted by the one and only Jeremy Zuckerman. WOW! It was an experience I will never forget….26 strings, plus brass in the Eastwood Scoring Stage of Warner Brothers Studios. Hallowed ground for sure….so many huge films have been scored here. 

I’ve been working closely with Jeremy for several weeks as he has created the score but nothing could have prepared me for the wave of emotion I felt as we watched the film on the big screen while the orchestra played their hearts out, breathing life and energy into our baby! TOTALLY AMAZING! We have been working on BEARTREK for the last 7 years, so you can imagine how it feels to be at one of the final stages of the process. I could barely hold it together as I welcomed the orchestra as the newest members of the BEARTREK family. THANK you all. THANK YOU Jeremy, and thank you Mark Robertson, all of the brilliant musicians and engineers, and Warner Brothers for the use of this special place. 



2 thoughts on “Unforgettable day”

  1. I am so happy for the world to be able to watch and learn about these amazing creatures through the eyes of you Chris Morgan. Your love of all creatures exudes through your enthusiasm and commitment. Anyone that stands next to you can help but not get caught up in it. Thank you dear friend for the gift you have given us mortals

    patty perone

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