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New grizzly bear film – released this week!

WANTED: Grizzly Bears?

I’m really excited to share our brand new film with you…released to the public just this week. A seven minute short about the North Cascades grizzly bear.

We interviewed lots of people on the street (and on the trail) for this one, and wanted to pack it full of fascinating information and beautiful scenes. It was launched at a great event in Seattle on Monday.

There may be only 2 or 3 grizzly bears left in the North Cascades….and the government has just started to look at ways to remedy that.

THANK YOU to my amazing dedicated team (Brenda Phillips, Aaron Straight, Doug Lyons, Darcy Riggins-Schmidt, James Bretz, Brandon Sawaya, Dave Brown) for all the time and passion you poured into this!

Thank you to our generous sponsors:
Washington’s National Park Fund, National Parks Conservation Association, Woodland Park Zoo, Vital Ground, Hauser Bears, BEARTREK, Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission and the Russ-Dobbs Family Trust.

We hope you enjoy it……and please do share with friends – we really want to get word out about the opportunity that lies ahead for the North Cascades, its grizzly bears, and its people.

Bear Hugs,


p.s. Here’s the film’s homepage:

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