Chris Morgan's Wildnotes

Into the European Wild – Week 3 – Part 1

July 12th, 2105

2 hours from Rome. Bear country. How on earth?

July 13th, 2015

11141250_1124696984211201_8136024984511245504_n 11705115_1124697207544512_1043629194469730049_n 11745700_1124697194211180_290582371256063082_n 11692503_1124697177544515_8380597393239572287_n 11745492_1124697147544518_312709534923187678_n 11403444_1124697087544524_6877650260734631845_n 11745809_1124697024211197_1587992498890791734_n 11745495_1124697000877866_8518454764427666992_n

A few pics from the last day or so.

July 15th, 2015

Drone landing. Found some friends to help me do some filming yesterday here in Abruzzo. Thanks to Paolo Palermo and Giovanni Formosa!

11703122_1125688237445409_3001504334341607135_n 11262305_1125688457445387_2813580322592984680_n 11751465_1125688414112058_5156910329327946984_n 11753670_1125688380778728_5756916743383131469_n 11141199_1125688337445399_4643929259411892373_n 10995860_1125688307445402_2876969726027484480_n 11751785_1125688277445405_2297935073938834016_n

A few pics from filming my experiences here in Abruzzo. Hope you enjoy.


Well farewell Italy. As expected, I have fallen in love with you. Croatia here we come. Here’s to the bears ahead and behind. [on the ferry from Italy to Croatia].


Bellingham, WA, USA

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