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Into the European Wild – Week 3 – Part 2

July 16th, 2015

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I had an incredibly warm and real experience a few days ago with a shepherd and his wife in the bear country of the Italian Dolomites. At the end of a rough road I found their farmhouse….just as a crazy thunderstorm was coming in. Not a great situation when you are wet, sitting on top of a metal horse on a mountain ridge. Well Ahania and Lorenzo invited me in out of the rain, then for dinner, then to spend the night. It was amazing. Something I will never forget. Lorenzo is a young guy but wise beyond his years…seeking a simple life looking after his few cows and making exceptional cheese. Ahania made me feel completely at home and we spent the night drinking wine and talking about wildlife and cows! There is quite the history of bears right there, and last year Lorenzo saw wolves outside his front door too. I love stumbling across wonderful people…they seem to be everywhere when you start looking a little.

July 17th, 2015


I just saw a bear in Croatia!!!!!! Moments ago. Details to follow……happy man! Just 3 seconds but MAGIC!

July 18th, 2015

Here’s what happened…..a pretty special moment given there are only about 1000 bears in Croatia. Of course that is way more than Italy or most European countries, which is exactly why I’m here. The bears from here and neighboring Slovenia provide a “drip feed” for other European countries. No passports required for these bears. Ironic that I would spot this bear from the back of my motorcycle given that I’d spent the day hiking miles in the high country looking!

1610963_1127379760609590_7194626604281509691_n 11751479_1127379780609588_7797930098832672768_n

Great new bear friends at Kuterevo Bear Sanctuary Utočište Medvjeda Kuterevo Thanks for the welcome. Support these guys if you can….they love bears and do good work.

Ok a bit of the backstory. Not that I’m superstitious or anything. This was before I saw the bear….

11174996_1127541307260102_460273137113048002_n 11695900_1127541457260087_3680182717837885564_n 11745467_1127541440593422_8920377688488234603_n  11698640_1127541393926760_5263774349829747889_n 11760259_1127541360593430_2599018313304912148_n 11145025_1127541333926766_407274499827304490_n

These were some pics from my search. I hiked high into the mountains….found scat, but no bear. Those of you who know me will know that I was just as excited by the pile of excrement as I would have been by a bear itself.

…then I saw the bear, on my way back down the gravel road on my bike. The penny (Kuna) dropped……..I am now superstitious.

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