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This is amazing. Listen to the winter wren call slowed down!

You may have picked up on my fascination with the tiny winter (Pacific) wren. A tiny but impressive creature. I come across them all the time when I’m in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. They are in full voice right now – it’s been breeding season. The males establish their territories pretty fiercely with an incredible song. I’ve even recorded them and played them back and they’ll bustle up to my feet completely blown away at the size of me. Biggest wren the forest has ever seen. Pound for pound the voice of this little guy (smaller than my little finger) is 10 times louder than a rooster.

And just as amazing is how intricate the song is…..I just recorded the same wren twice in my local forest in Washington State – the first one is real time, and the second is slowed down 10 times. Eerie and beautiful…sounds tropical! (Brits of the right age might be reminded of ‘The Clangers’!). The speed of the song is quite unbelievable – even when it is slowed down. And imagine the energy he is expending just to attract a mate and defend a territory. Wow.

I just realized the volume is pretty low – you may need ear buds or headphones. Sorry about that.

Chris 6.16.15

One thought on “This is amazing. Listen to the winter wren call slowed down!”

  1. Also one of my favorite birds. I have Sibley’s bird app on my phone, and I recently discovered that if I hear a winter wren in the woods and play the recorded song from my app, the wren will come over to investigate. (I don’t know if that is just a breeding season behavior – will have to test that!), but they definitely respond and come right over to me to check it out. However, the song on my phone is from New York. Can I be anthropomorphic here? They cock their little heads to one side as if to say, “you’re not from around here, are you?”

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