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I just saw a cougar on the trail!!!!!

cougar sighting

WOW – heart still beating fast over this one! See the cougar? Me neither, but he was there 10 seconds before I took this shot – he came around the bend in the trail ahead of me, clocked me and swiftly turned and ran the other direction – I barreled down to the corner to see if I could glimpse him leaving but he was gone – like he was never really there! He was absolutely silent – amazing considering he must have headed directly into the brush – not a sound from him. This is the second cougar I’ve seen here in Washington State in 3 months – the odds of that happening are extremely low! I feel incredibly privileged and honored. It’s funny because I was in the forest to sit and think quietly about next films I would like to make – on my list is a film about cougars in North America. It must have been a sign : )

Chris 6.17.15

More about these fantastic cats here:

4 thoughts on “I just saw a cougar on the trail!!!!!”

  1. Thats awesome. I’m really excited your next film may be about Mountain Lions!
    Keep up the great work!


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