Chris Morgan's Wildnotes

Want to see a short montage of my Arizona wildlife road trip :) ?

4 minutes of memories I wanted to share with you.

Wolves and mountain lions! It even used to be home to grizzly bears! Join ecologist and PBS Nature/National Geographic/BBC TV Host Chris Morgan in this 4 minute montage from a recent film scouting trip he took with an Airstream Bambi Sport and Toyota Tundra to discover the wilds of Arizona. In Chris’s words: “This was my second trip to Arizona and I fell in love all over again – there is so much diversity here – an incredible array of landscapes and wildlife – from scorching deserts to snowy mountain peaks. I got to see the Grand Canyon for the first time, and learned a lot about the local wildlife. The montage kind of sums up our trip in 4 quick minutes”. Mexican wolf numbers are above 100 for the first time ever this year since before they were eradicated – HUGE news for the many great people involved in their conservation. The Airstream was Chris’s home from home for over three weeks, taking him and his partner Brenda Phillips through floods, snowstorms, and finally scorching desert heat, all the while searching for wild animals and stories to tell. On the subject of homes, here’s a link to his most recent PBS series called ‘Animal Homes’: . Find out more about his work here: . And please help us spread the word. Thank you!

HUGE THANKS to Airstream Inc, Toyota, Alan Lacy, Desert Autoplex, and Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center for all their help and support! Filmed and edited by

For more information on the Mexican wolf see my friend Alan Lacy’s project here:

Help him help these wolves by sharing, learning, donating, liking : )

And here’s more about the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in case you can help them. They do important work on a tight budget:

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