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I hope you can join me for some inspiration and laughs on Tuesday in Vancouver BC – bears bears bears!!

Vancouver talk

I’ll be in Vancouver, BC on Tuesday evening to give a talk about my bear and film work, and I have the feeling it’ll be quite the event. There is a great panel of speakers, and I’ll be up for around 45 minutes or so sharing stories from the field, and some astounding clips from our films. I promise you will leave invigorated and inspired to find out more about our almost invisible local North Cascades grizzly bear population – I’ll be talking about them in the context of my global bear work…..after all – what’s good for bears is good for people 🙂

Here’s a clip from our PBS series BEARS OF THE LAST FRONTIER to get your juices going!


4 thoughts on “I hope you can join me for some inspiration and laughs on Tuesday in Vancouver BC – bears bears bears!!”

  1. Hi Chris, is the grizzly bear trophy hunt taboo again at this event? (It was in Whistler!) I think it is the burning question that needs to be addressed — how will it ever end if there is no talk about it?

    1. Very good question Jaquleine. A big topic to address for BC. We are in an interesting position as humans aren’t we? We have choices, we know right from wrong. And we will hopefully evolve in the right way. The evening is about bears that are not affected by the BC hunt….they are ALREADY in trouble. My hope is that the work of Coast to Cascades will help these rare bears, and in the process help people look at these amazing animals a little differently. Sometimes it’s a drip feed right? Thank you for caring. I do too.

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