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One of the rarest things you will see, and I’m heading out to find him

Almost as rare as Sasquatch. This is a North Cascades grizzly bear in Canada - probably a dual citizen
This remotely-triggered photograph was captured in 2010 – this is a North Cascades grizzly bear – almost as rare as Sasquatch! And almost certainly a dual citizen

This is a North Cascades grizzly bear. There are not many of them left – fewer than 20 on the USA side of this mountain range (in Washington State where I live), and around the same in Canada. But people VERY rarely see them. Especially on the US side…..they have become ghost-like – a fragment of their former population which once number hundreds or even thousands. I have searched for a North Cascades grizzly bear for many thousands of hours over the last decade and a half. Following instincts I learned from tracking grizzly bears on foot for 2000 miles over 2 years in the Canadian Rockies year ago. Every time I head out, I know the odds of glimpsing a grizzly bear are impossibly slim, but that doesn’t matter. It only fuels my determination. This picture was captured in 2010 just 15 miles north of the border in Manning Provincial Park, and gives me hope. It’s a longshot, especially given I only have a few days, but I’m going to bike there for a few days this week to at least enter the realm of this bear. There is just something I find potently powerful about simply being in grizzly bear country. It thrusts me back in time to an ancient world we once all inhabited, and the humility and wonder that comes with that is priceless and special. Wish me luck.

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7 thoughts on “One of the rarest things you will see, and I’m heading out to find him”

  1. Bears, especially Grizzlies, don’t like bikes, Chris…bikes are for bears in the circus 😉 I trust you’ll park the bike and quietly/respectfully enter into the elusive North Cascade Grizzly’s domain. So envious in a good and positive way of your adventure. How blessed we are to live in the great Northwest! I absolutely love the Canadian Rockies…the rugged beauty and incredible wildlife…oh, the stories and photos I have to share. And then there is Manning Provincial Park…oh, but I digress! I truly and sincerely wish and pray for you to [safely] meet the magnificent creature you seek. Looking forward to the update of your adventure! ~ Doris

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