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An Earth Day perspective (football field analogy anyone?)

human history on a football field.110
If the history of Planet Earth and our time on it was measured on a 100 yard football field……

Happy Earth Day everyone. I am so happy to be here with you on this little blue planet circling the sun. What are the chances? 🙂

I created this graphic to help us visualize our time on earth. For me it only makes it MORE mind boggling! On a 100 yard-long football field, where the 0 yard line is the beginning of Plate Earth, humans appeared about 1 pin-thickness from the 100 yard line. The industrial revolution (and the beginning of so much trouble for the planet) happened one tenth of a human hair ago. OK, I think I need to sit down. Here’s another way to picture it: Earth is 4600 million years old. I’m 46, so let’s start there – if I was 46 year old Earth, we appeared 4 hours ago. The Industrial revolution? 60 seconds ago.

But it is NOT too late for us to band together to steward and tend the only home we know, or ever will know. That’s what keeps me going every day…..knowing that we have the immense potential to do what is right, in ways the benefit our blue-green planet, and in ways that make our fleeting time here comfortable, fulfilling, and peaceful. Nature is a powerful tonic and will help us there.


Earth Day 2015

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