Chris Morgan's Wildnotes

Costa Rica leaf cutter ant pics :)

I thought you might enjoy seeing these pics from our ant shoot if you missed them first time around 🙂

Chris Morgan's Wildnotes

Just back from filming for our Animal House series shoot in Costa Rica. The leaf-cutter ants were mesmerizing! They are going to make such a cool part of the show. Here are a few pics hot off the press.



Bellingham, WA, USA

The jaws of one of the soldiers = 25% of her bodyweight!! Turns out these are the ones that spring into action if the colony is attacked by ecologists and filmmakers.

The biggest I’ve ever seen. And wouldn’t you know it – growing on the soil excavated by the ant colony.

One of the first ant trails I came across – the workers clear the way for their hundreds of thousands of sisters who are the leaf carriers, literally, the road crew building a path from the tree food to the underground colony.

The forest at La Selva research station.

The colony we filmed (right of…

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