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Hi All,
From one of our latest PBS film shoots (the show I’m hosting about animal homes)….this one in Maryland – yes MARYLAND. Where the black bear population is slowly growing eastwards into country the bears occupied before the forests were felled there over the last 200 years. As the trees return, so do the bears. I love a good success story. These are wild 6 week old black bear cubs. One of life’s most memorable experiences – they have to be the cutest things on the planet. At one point I had three of them tucked into my jacket to keep them warm while we weighed and measured their mum! They are going to steal the show!
Bear hugs,


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  1. So happy to hear of the success of bears migrating back to their original homes! I’ve had the honour of holding a 3-4 week baby bear myself, what an awe-inspiring feeling. The one I held still had its eyes and ears closed.

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