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Unusual, and thought-provoking owl experience

Just wanted to share this quite spiritual/unusual experience with you guys… Santa Monica this week. This little burrowing owl was standing with it’s eyes closed in the parking lot of my hotel, wobbling, and almost teetering over. I picked it up and it slumped in my hands….I thought it had died. It lay there for 2 minutes as I stroked it and talked to it. It really seemed to die in my hands. Then a moment later it opened both eyes wide, looked at me right in the eye, spread it’s wings and flew into the night, landing at first on my motorcycle side stand! (a sign?), then cruising effortlessly through the palm trees. Totally surreal and wonderful. For the three hours preceding this I was with a friend talking about the future of our planet, and the predicament we’re in. Couldn’t help but feel that the owl was trying to tell me something.

8 thoughts on “Unusual, and thought-provoking owl experience”

  1. Glad the little guy was close to someone so concerned about our environment. Thanks for sharing and there is always hope, especially when there are people like you Chris Morgan, working so hard to make changes in the world. I also would not disagree with Bruce either :p

  2. Glad to see that Magic is still there, still presents in our world. I don’t know what indians of america would have said about it but as far as I’m concerned this is far from being just the fruit of the hazard (sorry for my english, I’m french and I don’t know if what I say is understandable)

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