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I can go home now

Not my best photo, but a powerful one for me. I took it today with tears in my eyes. Why? Because if you look carefully you’ll see one of only about 1200 grizzly bears that still roam the lower 48. There used to be 100,000. This one was grazing grasses as it ambled through a meadow in Yellowstone. I wasn’t sure if I’d see one on this trip….certainly no guarantees, even in Yellowstone. So it was a special bear for sure. Here’s to those who protected our wild places long before they knew how completely precious and rare they would become. Here’s to Yellowstone….our planet’s FIRST national park.

6 thoughts on “I can go home now”

    1. Write to your senator telling them how important these animals are to you, the landscape, our ecosystems, and our economy. And maybe find a local organization that is helping grizzly bears – volunteer, donate, spread the word. We’re all in this together! And THANK YOU for caring! Chris

      1. thanks for your reply Chris, I am in the uk, but travel to the states in january and will do my best to locate and help a charity, I am good a fund raising and feel that I could really help an organisation or group in the usa, do let me know of any that you think I should help when you get chance. I will definately do all I can to help and to educate others about their plight. I was very moved and upset to hear how low their numbers are, I dont think people realise. I teach through art, but am sure I can help these beautiful majestic animals somehow, together we can all make a difference 🙂 let me know when you have time, best wishes Deborah

  1. I just returned from a visit to Alaska and I was wondering if there were any grizzlies in the lower 48; after all, the California state flag has the image of a grizzly as its emblem. The state I reside in is a mystery regarding the grizzly. Do you know if there are any left in California? I dread the answer, but should know. In the mean time, I did spot a black bear in Anchorage and thought of your PBS film about black bears in the city. Thanks for all you do.

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