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No grizzly bears in sight.

I’m on my way to Wyoming on my motorcycle. Right now I’m only as far as the SE corner of Washington State, but I’ve already covered some ground. It’ll still be another 700 miles or so before I get to today’s grizzly bear country, but they used to roam all across the west when it was wild enough. It amazes me just how effective we’ve been at exterminating this awesome species, pushing it into pockets of wilderness where we can’t dominate, or where insightful generations set huge wild spaces aside in decades past. The map below is shocking. Light green is former grizzly bear range, whereas dark green is current range. But remember, this isn’t just about the grizzly. It’s about the vast natural resources that we protect by protecting the great bear: forests, fresh water, and air that’s clean enough for both bears AND people.

On to the Rockies.

Zillah, WA



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“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead. Cultural Anthropologist

4 thoughts on “No grizzly bears in sight.”

  1. I’ve been riding the past week in the Rockies and now am in Flaming Gorge. Didn’t see as much wildlife as I would have thought. Even in this desert country we manage to push for civilization and drive out the natural habitat. Have fun in Wyoming and ride safe. On to Grand Junction and Moab. One of my biggest goals in life to see a mountain goat, none yet 😦

  2. Thanks , Chris, for reminding us . I know this loss of natural habitat for GRIZZLIES applies to loss of free roaming of wild horses as well. All across the West they are still being devastated. have a safe trip, and keep us posted ! pl

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