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Had your forest fix today?…….might want to think about that detour.

Have you had your forest fix today? Here’s mine.

You don’t have to head into the wilderness for it – simply taking a detour through a local park can be just as beneficial.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a health freak – I eat well, get lots of exercise in the woods, and love being active. It’s great when I can combine all three. But I’ve been reading a lot recently about the health benefits of spending time in nature that has me hooked on this idea of wild places being GOOD for us – not just emotionally/spiritually/psychologically, but physically too. An increasing body of research shows that even 6 minutes per day can have a huge impact – lowering blood pressure and heart rate, increasing concentration, lowering cortisol (the hormone that causes stress), and even increasing the number of natural killer cells in your body to fight disease and increase immunity. And I don’t mean having a workout in the forest – its just a matter of being IN the forest, even if you’re sitting motionless. Pretty amazing what those trees can do for us. Think about it next time you’re under them. And if you want an even quicker fix, buy yourself a vial of Hinoki cypress oil that’s packed with beneficial phytoncides, take a good whiff a few times a day, and watch the angst drip away!


Bellingham, WA 9.11.13

3 thoughts on “Had your forest fix today?…….might want to think about that detour.”

  1. I hear so many people scoff at the idea that being in nature helps with concentration, but for myself, I absolutely noticed a difference in my ability to concentrate when I stopped going for walks in the local forests. I can barely concentrate at all these days. I need to get back out there. Lovely photos!

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