Chris Morgan's Wildnotes

An inspiring few days in the North Cascades…..and signs of a bear visitor

I’m just back from an incredibly rejuvenating 5 days in the North Cascades near my home in Washington State. My good friend, and Wildlife Media Chair and CEO John Taylor joined me for a leg of the adventurous ride that took us through the heart of some beautiful country on the east side of the mountains. Always a nice escape for those of us from the “wet side”. I thought you’d enjoy a few pics. My 600 mile route included 200 miles off-road through awe-inspiring scenery from Cashmere to Highway 20, and a constant reminder of several things – how lucky we are to have had inspired leaders before us who paved the way for National Parks, National Forests, and a system that allows us access to enjoy wild places like nowhere else on earth. As you’ll see below, we even had a black bear visitor one night at camp…..although we didn’t know it until morning when we woke up and found his fresh tracks just a few feet from where we were sleeping. The whole ride I was wondering how close the nearest grizzly bear might be. There used to be hundreds in these mountains, but now there are maybe 5 or 10. It would be front page news if we had woken up to find a grizzly bear track by camp…….but I will continue to dream of that possibility for another day.

For more about the bears, wolves, and cougars of Washington State see our Western Wildlife Outreach page:

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