Chris Morgan's Wildnotes

Highway Wilding – how do animals get across the road? 90 second video

Highway Wilding

The eye of the beholder. As this documentary opens up you view speeding traffic on an interstate. Not as a driver or a pedestrian. Rather as a bear as he approaches the road trying to find a save way to the other side to seek food, shelter and other animals. As we grow and expand, we take away land, homes and paths from wildlife. This video goes back and forth between images of animals in their changing habitat and testimonials of activists expressing the need for concern. The unique part of the message this video sends is not to completely stop developing roads for humans, but to create pathways for the wildlife to navigate. As the video comes to and end the letters that make up the video title “Highway Wilding” slowly appear but then slowly disappear. Just as the highways did and the wildlife are.

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