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JOIN US! Free event and a chance to be a part of BEARTREK the movie!

Dear Friends,

Hold the date – we want you to join us for something special – we need your help. As many of you know, we are in the final editing stages of our feature-length documentary, BEARTREK, and will be applying to film festivals this autumn! We’ve decided that a very powerful element of BEARTREK will be having Chris introduce each of our four locations, as transitional storyline elements in the film – on a stage, sharing his passion with a live audience.

That’s where you come in.

Join us for this one time special event – filming a stage performance by Chris, with you in the audience. Elements of which will be used in the final BEARTREK film. This email is going out to a special group of people, many of whom have supported BEARTREK over the last few years. It’s an opportunity for us all to enjoy a fun, stimulating few hours together whilst accomplishing something great for the movie, in the beautiful Mt. Baker Theatre, Bellingham, WA. If you’ve ever seen Chris give a talk before, you know you’re in for a treat – inspiration mixed with lots of laughs and some mind-blowingly fascinating information about bears and film clips from some of our world’s wildest places.

But this will be unlike any regular show you’ve ever been to because primarily we need to capture elements of this talk on film. You will see cameras repositioning, starting & stopping, takes & retakes, live as they happen. It’ll require some patience, but we promise you an interesting afternoon! It’s a chance for you to be involved, behind the scenes in the making of the final touches of BEARTREK the movie, that we’re so proud of.

Details: You’ll be needed for up to 3 consecutive hours on the afternoon of Saturday, August 17th in Bellingham, WA. There will be no need to bring money for tickets, just your enthusiasm and attention. Please RSVP at this link so we have an accurate audience count. Final details about the specific time will follow soon.

Kids over 10 are welcome – it’s their future we’re dealing with here after all.

Thanks so much, we look forward to seeing you there!


Darcy Riggins-Schmidt
Associate Producer
Wildlife Media

P.S. Do please RSVP at this link – this is an essential part of our planning. Thanks! Sorry for any cross-postings.

BEARTREK: SAVING THE PLANET. One bear species at a time.

The 90-second BEARTREK trailer is here:

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