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Stressed? Head into the woods

Here’s the research I referred to during my live talk recently – about how just being in the forest reduces anxiety and depression, and increases empathy and cognition. Not only that but time under the trees increases natural killer cells in your body, increasing your immunity to flu and other nasties, including cancer!

Dr Alan Logan, Author of ‘Your Brain on Nature’ explains it all really well in this short video. Fascinating stuff. And essential for conservation – the more people see wild places as essential, the more likely they are to get involved in protecting them.

We’re all in this together.


Bellingham, WA

4 thoughts on “Stressed? Head into the woods”

  1. I am headed to Ely, Minn to go kayaking and will have bear spay and hang my food up and away from camp. I do not want a bear shot because of my stupidity and lack of respect for these creatures. Chris, what are my chances of meeting up with Lynn Rodgers? I can not get a contact phone or email message to him. Remember we met him on the Kittiwake for a short period of time? Any contact info that you could share with me? Your loyal follower Patty Perone

  2. Just about everywhere in East Texas there are woods. I do enjoy walking and running at the local park around the lake but the woods here equal venomous snakes and wild boar, so I will stick to the trails. 🙂

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