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Just back from the beautiful Scottish Highlands

I’m just home from a few days in the Scottish Highlands visiting my good friend Paul Lister at his incredible 23,000 acre estate, Alladale Wilderness Reserve. This place is about as wild as it gets in most of Europe. Paul’s work through the European Nature Trust (TENT) is rewilding this ancient landscape, and has already planted 800,000 trees! The patch of green you can see in the picture is the northernmost patch of old growth Caledonian Scots pine forest……an ecosystem that used to support bears, wolves, and lynx until the Romans began a process of extermination, and later forests were razed to the ground to provide for shipbuilding and construction. Paul is determined to bring some of it back, including some of the native wildlife that was once there.

I’ll be posting more about Alladale and Paul here soon, including his work to save the forests of Romania in the Carpathians…..the lungs of Europe. We are looking at a repeat of Scotland there if we’re not careful and united to ensure that this doesn’t happen. More about the work of TENT:

Thanks for all you do for our world Paul.




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Chris Morgan, MS
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“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead. Cultural Anthropologist

3 thoughts on “Just back from the beautiful Scottish Highlands”

  1. Wow, what a huge undertaking! does he have horses there too? Looks amazing- will check it out- and hopefully make it there sometime 🙂 Thanks Chris! P.s. you left a few days too early- it’s warm and blue skies today :))

  2. This tree steward, naturalist, gardener and horticulture worker is very jealous! If only more people were aware what our trees do for us when they are living, they would be less likely to kill them for temporary use. Our good stewardship of nature is the most important legacy we will leave for generations to come.

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