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Solo scout during BBC/Discovery Great Bear Stakeout shoot

A quick video I took while out looking for bear trails to film about 1.5 miles from base camp during the Great Bear Stakeout shoot. I’ll post more if you guys enjoy this one. Let me know!



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6 thoughts on “Solo scout during BBC/Discovery Great Bear Stakeout shoot”

  1. Hi Chris,
    I am really enjoying the footage of the grizzlies. Is there anywhere I can go to ,to get really good photographic images of standing grizzlies, I need photos from all angles, close up and from a distance, as I am an artist currently working on a life sized, standing grizzly . Any advice would be gratefully received. The item in question will live with the nat trust museum of childhood for a short period of time and then I would like to raffle him off to a grizzly bear charity afterwards, so details for that too would be wonderful. I do understand that you are very, very busy, so a reply or email when you able would be lovely,
    thanks for bringing this animals secret life to the screen,
    best wishes,

    1. Hi Deborah – what a great cause and project. The Alaska Peninsula is a great spot for viewing and photographing bears – Brooks Camp in particular. Or how about in captivity? Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle has a wonderful exhibit, and some beautiful brown bears. Good luck!

      Best wishes,


      1. Hi Chris,
        and a big thankyou for taking time out to answer me, as I am sure you have better things to do 🙂 I am tied to the museum, until 2014, afterwhich, I plan to make a trip to Alaska, where I will definately take a look at all the places you have told me about, I went there several times twenty years ago, but it was the inuit that I was studying then, I was wondering, do you guys have any images that I could use for now, for my first grizzly, just for my own purpose, not for public use, is it ok for me to use the images on here, or are there any books that you could recommend ? I am going to get my first bear made for October, so he/she can be part of an exhibition that I am doing at the museum.. Then many more for 2014 !
        my very best wishes and thanks,

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