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Working with the Frozen Planet team!

It has been amazing watching the Frozen Planet series – not only because it is mind-blowingly beautiful, but also because I am now very proud to be working with members of the Frozen Planet team on a brand new bear show. I took the Frozen Planet series producer Vanessa Berlowitz to Alaska last year as she was interested in creating a show like no other, about Alaska’s coastal brown bears. As it does with everyone, the Alaska Peninsula dazzled her. Vanessa has pulled together a crack wildlife film team, including Jeff Wilson, also from Frozen Planet fame (among other things Jeff was one member of the 2 man team that spent months capturing the beautiful Adélie Penguin sequences). I am very excited to be involved with the new bear show – we are dreaming big, and we are going to tell a story as never told before with all kinds of state-of-the-art camera technology. And not a day goes by without me thinking about the journey that has brought these opportunities to reach millions of people with messages of wonder and hope for conservation. Thank you especially to the many Wildlife Media BEARTREK supporters who have helped to launch our little organization into the stratosphere (more here:

Watch this space! Filming with the BBC begins in June.

Here’s Vanessa:

An here’s Jeff:

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