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BEARTREK Peru: Village Footage

Filmed by Brenda Phillips on location in Peru. Canon 5D Mk II.

Some clips from the small high-elevation town of Incawasi in Peru where we filmed for BEARTREK in November 2010. It was like steFilmed by Brenda Phillips on location in Peru. Canon 5D Mk II.pping back in time after a grueling ride up dozens of switchbacks to a little village and a warm welcome at about 12,000 feet. The women were dressed in immaculate, colorful clothing – even while working in the fields. And all heads turned as we entered town – not many gringos make it this far! it is amazing to think that the spectacled bear can be found at these high elevations, and often even higher. But their historic range also includes the coast, making them South America’s most wide-ranging mammal as far as elevation is concerned. They have been eliminated from most of their coastal range, but still call the high Andes home in five South American countries – Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. I can’t wait to share some of the incredible footage of these bears that we obtained in Peru – climbing sheer cliff walls to feed on snails! Like nothing you have ever seen a bear do before. But for that you’ll have to wait for the release of our feature-length film BEARTREK in 2013. In the meantime follow us at these sites:

Facebook: BearTrek

Facebook: Chris Morgan Wildlife



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