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Need a Christmas gift idea? :-)

I wasn’t going to do this, but something triggered the idea this morning. My book was just reviewed in Natural History magazine where they call it “This Season’s Standout”! 

It made my day. I thought I’d include the snippet (scroll to the bottom), and share it as an idea in case you are thinking about gifts this year. Nothing in it for me – just spreading the word about bears and their amazing world, and putting it out there as a gift idea. 
I’ve had so many nice comments about the book – from fans of bears, wildlife, motorcycles, adventure, and wildlife TV shows. It accompanies the epic PBS series that I co-created with Joe Pontecorvo (also called ‘Bears of the Last Frontier’). You can even buy the book and DVD/BluRay as a combo from PBS or Amazon. The DVD features each of the three episodes about our adventure across Alaska in search of bears, and the book has some amazing pictures, stories, and behind-the-scenes insight I’m sure you’ll enjoy. It’s 1 foot tall and 210 pages long! Plus Susan and Jeff bridges wrote the foreword! 

Here are a couple of places to purchase:

And some nice comments about the show and book:

“I think your book was outstanding, to say the least. I read it both before I went to McNeil River and after I returned home so I could try to understand the fantastic experience that walking amongst the Coastal Grizzlys was. Also purchased copys for friends as gifts. Will be difficult to top this book, but I’m sure you and Joe will try. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for all you and your team do for us.”

“This is an outstanding production! I could watch it over & over & over again. The scenery and video of animals and information about the animals & their behavior & habitat is all first rate! There is much more to see than just bears, but they are the focus. I’d really like to meet Chris Morgan & his Photographer some day!”

“Absolutely loved this DVD. It is a great documentary on bears and it was done well. It is interesting, educational and entertaining with Chris as narrator. I recommend this DVD to any animal lover.”

“Great photography and extremely informative presentation! This guy knows bears!”

Plus tons of clips and even a map with video blogs etc at the PBS Nature website:

Merry Christmas everyone – thanks for all your support, and for caring about this little piece of space rock we all call home.

The Natural History Magazine clip is below.

Bear hugs,



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