Chris Morgan's Wildnotes

Where BEARTREK truly began…

Many of you probably thought that BEARTREK began somewhere in Alaska with a chance encounter between Joe and Chris.  While the idea for the movie may have started there, BEARTREK itself really began long ago with an inspired and adventurous woman, Chris’s Mom (or Mum as the case may be).

When she was 21 (1963) Phil Morgan (Phil Tierney at the time) rode from the north of England to the south of France on a pilgrimage ride of 2000 miles – on a small Lambretta scooter – with her 17 year old sister Veronica on the back!  Chris’s mom has always been his inspiration, pushing him to have a great adventure and the drive to change the world.  Unfortunately for all of us he’s not taken to the hairstyle… at least not yet!


1963 arrived at the Lourdes campsite on the Lamberetta 


1963 Preparing the scooter to drive to Lourdes  


 1964 Selling theLambretta 


1963… and the scooter!


1964 selling the Lambretta outside Grandma’s 


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