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Very exciting photos from remote cameras in Peru

Just in from our friend and BEARTREK bear biologist Robyn Appleton in Peru…….I wanted to share these amazing shots right away. Andean bears are among the most elusive mammals on earth. This is the same bear we filmed for BEARTREK in Peru in November – “Laura”, but since that time she has gained an incredible amount of weight which is great to see. Plus an ocelot!

Be sure to check out for more about the ways we are filming and helping to fund Robyn’s work through BEARTREK our international campaign and feature documentary for bear conservation. You can watch clips there too. Robyn’s site also has lots of great information here:

We need your help to complete BEARTREK – by saving bears and their habitats, we’ll save the world’s wildest places! Be a part of the family – donate here:


Hi all,

The photos below  are just an example of the photos retrieved this
month  and they  are unbelievable!! The first two photos are of an
ocelot cat, we thought we had a  photograph of one a few months ago as
well but we couldn’t be sure. This photo is pretty clear and it looks
like an ocelot to me?  YAAAAA!! We have had cameras out for 3 years
and we have only had two other occasions when we thought it was an
ocelot cat but they were never as clear as these photos.

The second photo is a bear carrying a deer carcass, who would have
ever thought we would capture that on a remote camera. It is near one
of the high mountain water holes so I imagine it was left from a puma
kill. Can anyone guess what bear it is?? It looks like a huge male,
but it isn’t!

Robyn Appleton
Spectacled Bear Conservation Society











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