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BEARTREK – next stop the Arctic!

I’ve had so many nice messages from those of you who have watched episode 1 of our PBS Nature series ‘Bears of the Last Frontier’. Many of you have also asked about our other major film that’s in production ‘ BEARTREK‘. Check out the 90 second trailer at the link below, and help us make conservation a social norm – starting with bears. Our adventure takes us to Borneo, Alaska, Peru, and next spring – the Arctic – be a part of the adventure! This is an independent film and campaign that is going to shake things up in an amazing way for conservation. Join us! It’s not just a film – it’s a movement!

90 second BEARTREK trailer:

Thanks everyone!



Thanks to Joanna Patterson for the use of this beautiful image from Svalbard

One thought on “BEARTREK – next stop the Arctic!”

  1. Chris – just bought the DVD off PBS’s site after watching the episodes – this is among the finest footage, storytelling, and environmental information i’ve seen – congratulations on a fine effort and result.hp

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