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Bears of the Last Frontier book!

Look what my publisher surprised me with today in New York! The first copy of my book hot off the press! I had tears in my eyes. THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible!

Here’s some more information on the PBS series that the book is based on:

‘Bears of the last Frontier’
3-part special (May 8, 15, and 23, 2011)
PBS Nature (Sunday evenings)

Bear ecologist Chris Morgan takes viewers on a motorcycle journey deep into Alaska’s bear country, where three of the eight bear species live and are struggling to get by in an ever-changing environment. The program reveals an intimate portrait of bears as we have never seen before. It’s an up-close and personal look at grizzlies, black bears and polar bears from a conservationist’s perspective in some of America’s most breathtaking landscapes. Check out a preview here:


One thought on “Bears of the Last Frontier book!”

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