Chris Morgan's Wildnotes

Reliving Arctic moments, and trying to capture them in my book – finding 150,000 caribou in the western Brooks Range

I’ve been watching some of my video diary entries from our film shoot for PBS over the last year and a half. Some incredible moments of inspiration, which is great as I’m trying to capture them in the book I’m writing to go along with the 3 hour TV special. More video diary clips to come as soon as this crazy deadline is over! Like the time we were stranded on a mountain top waiting for the fog to clear so our helicopter could swoop in to collect us, or the night vision camera we used to watch a bear by our tent in Katmai National Park, or searching for polar bears on the pack ice, only to find tracks over our snowmachine trail from an hour earlier, or following a family of black bears through an Anchorage park for an entire day, or finding a family of grizzly bears fishing for salmon 400 river miles upriver from the coast. So many stories to share – thanks so much for listening!

Here’s the caribou moment on video:


Chris and Joe on location for PBS NATURE in the Brooks Range of the western Arctic. June 2010. Moments after we finally found 150,000 caribou – part of the half-million strong Western Arctic caribou herd!

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