Chris Morgan's Wildnotes

On location on the Alaskan arctic sea ice in May with @PBSNATURE

A few location photos from earlier this year: Barrow, Alaska where we were filming people and polar bears for the PBS NATURE special ‘Bears of the Last Frontier’ which is due for broadcast in spring, 2011. 

The arctic stole my heart 20 years ago and it is always an exciting thing to return there. We joined the Inupiat Eskimos in Barrow and at a camp on the ice to learn about their culture and it was one of the most incredible privileges of my life. Take away the snowmachines and it was like a scene from a Shackleton camp. It has given me a whole new appreciation for this ancient culture and is going to make a beautiful part of the PBS film. 

3am on the sea ice near Barrow, Alaska. 71 degrees north, minus 8 degrees F. (c) Chris Morgan (



Frozen Joe Pontecorvo. (c) Chris Morgan (



Joe and Chris, 230am on the ice. (c) Chris Morgan (


Dale Brower (our incredible local Inupiat guide) at an Eskimo camp on the sea ice. (c) Chris Morgan (



Inupiat camp on the sea ice. (c) Chris Morgan (



Inupiat eskimo lady. (c) Chris Morgan (



The traditional Inupiat boat – made from seal skin. (c) Chris Morgan (


Dean (associate producer) resting after a loooooong Arctic day. (c) Chris Morgan (



Frozen Chris on the sea ice at camp. (c) Chris Morgan (

A fresh polar bear track. Some of this bear’s tracks were on top of our snow machine tracks. He was far better at avoiding us than we were at finding him! (c) Chris Morgan (

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